Thursday, March 10, 2011

International Women's Day and Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

I didn't even know it, and only one student in my Yiddish class knew that Tuesday was International Women's Day, which our teacher, Kolya, spoke of at length.  Here we just know about Women's History Month, or I just know, my big confession, though about the Month I know very well.  The day was established March 8, 1911, and so Tuesday was the 100th anniversary.  17 days later was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, March 25, 1911, which we remember with a procession and many events around the city, both Friday the 25th and Sunday the 27th.  Here's info;

I'll be in the procession, starting from Union Square at 10, carrying a banner with one of the names of the 146 victim.  Events at Washington Place and Greene street, where the factory was, start at 11, music followed at noon by speakers.

The sparks of that fire ignited the great movement for social justice, women's rights, and workers' rights.  And yesterday the Wisconsin Republicans found a way to pass their anti-collective bargaining law. 

And you who philosophize disgrace, and criticize all fear.  Bury the rag deep in your face, for now is the time for your tears.  Bob Dylan.

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