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Lost in Infinity 3 on view in a group show “Better with Age”, presented by the office of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. 1 Centre Street, 19th floor south.

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Journal Entry 14, on view in a group show Art as Sanctuary, New York Society of Women Artists, in the Livingroom Gallery of St. Peter’s Church, Lexington Avenue at 53rd Street.

November-December 2017, a residency at the Carter Burden Center, 312 E. 109th Street.

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January, 2017, a room-size installation called Doors Open, Doors Close at Ceres Gallery, 547 W. 27th Street, 2nd floor. Tuesday-Saturday noon-6, Thursdays noon-8. Small works by women in domestic violence shelters are incorporated into my larger work.

I have 300 tiny works in Artists in the Archives: The Alternet, a collaborative project with over 75 artists, created by Carla Rae Johnson. still traveling since Jan 2013.

My third solo of drawings at the Morningside branch of the New York Public Library, February, 2017. Check back for details, or sign up at my blog for announcements.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two Ladders

Once again, out into the forest for maintaining our trail.  Two ladders:  one is a piece that I happily own, a ladder made by artist Judy Hoffman (not in the forest) from hand-made hand-dyed rolled paper, 12” high.  The other is a ladder made by a vine that sends its tendrils out and they wrap themselves opportunistically around whatever they come across, even a sibling twig, and they grow thick and build a solid wall.  Those walls, of course, we had to hack away to clear the path.  In the process, I saved this beautiful ladder, 18” high.   

Judy Hoffman's Ladder, with detail

Nature's Ladder, found complete in the forest, with detail


    Two Fine Ladders

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