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Until November 30,
Lost in Infinity 3 on view in a group show “Better with Age”, presented by the office of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. 1 Centre Street, 19th floor south.

Until January 3,
Journal Entry 14, on view in a group show Art as Sanctuary, New York Society of Women Artists, in the Livingroom Gallery of St. Peter’s Church, Lexington Avenue at 53rd Street.

November-December 2017, a residency at the Carter Burden Center, 312 E. 109th Street.

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Recent news:

January, 2017, a room-size installation called Doors Open, Doors Close at Ceres Gallery, 547 W. 27th Street, 2nd floor. Tuesday-Saturday noon-6, Thursdays noon-8. Small works by women in domestic violence shelters are incorporated into my larger work.

I have 300 tiny works in Artists in the Archives: The Alternet, a collaborative project with over 75 artists, created by Carla Rae Johnson. still traveling since Jan 2013.

My third solo of drawings at the Morningside branch of the New York Public Library, February, 2017. Check back for details, or sign up at my blog for announcements.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Keeping a Journal

I had a brief flirtation with normalcy yesterday, home after a very hard month by the bedside of my ill sister in Israel, and yet I felt very alone.  Today I realize why that was.  I didn’t talk to myself all day, at least not in hearing distance.  Why was that?  Mad at myself for something, probably.
But I did finish another Journal Entry.  So very fitting, these works in which I write my thoughts and then write more on top of the first, until nothing is legible, no matter the language, which in this case is Yiddish.  Very few people have so far signed onto this blog, a handful, and that too is fitting, since I spend a lot of effort obscuring my messages in my work.  So I see this blog as one of my works.  (but please do sign on).
The text is the bottom object in the stack of three.  I also like stacks of things, a little edgy, not quite balanced.
Journal Entry 8, pencil on photo litho, image 16"x11", 2016