Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lost in Infinity

I have a show up in my local library, Morningside Branch, 113th and Broadway in Manhattan.  It's called Lost in Infinity, and some of the works have that title too.

It's a small intimate place, and I think it's my favorite show ever.  The 11 drawings are on the staircase wall, but the staircase is an interior one, well lit, open to view for its whole length to both the ground floor and the main reading room.  Anyone going up or down the stairs cannot avoid seeing my work

                                   Lost in Infinity 2, mixed mediums, 23" x 28"

Someone who I don't know has written poetry to my work in the book I left there for messages.  Then today I received a wonderful letter from someone who came for books and found art, and was moved enough by what he saw to write to me.  It made me very happy.  He also pointed out that the contact email on my website and the one on the handout at the library were not the same.

Indeed.  I had made an error on my website.  So I wrote to that address to see if it's real, and my message did not come back Undeliverable, while my research indicates that nobody else has that address either.  Which means that possibly mail intended for me is being lost in infinity!  What sort of perfect is that!