Monday, February 28, 2011

Visual journal, Journal in space

Some of my blog posts will now be the next in my continuing series of visual journals, where I write and then obscure or obliterate, with line and color, perhaps an edge of a few letters dangling off the sides. In the case of blog posts, I’ll just write, and the continuity with previous visual works is that I will not tell anyone. I told some people when my posts were more like artists' statments (you, perhaps, unless you stumbled on it). With “labels”, perhaps people will come who are looking for something else entirely.

I may not be able to spill my heart completely, in which case I will onheybn tsu shraybn azoy, af yidish, zoln di vos farsheyn yidish nokh leyenen. Anyway I always wanted to write in Yiddish, only Yiddish in fact. Then if I want to say something very personal, or if I just feel like it, װעל איך שרײַבן אױף ייִדיש מיט העברײיִשע אותיות.

Or I will come full circle.

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